Gragnano wine and wines from the Peninsula

bicchiere vino

Wine in the Sorrento Peninsula: Gragnano wine Gragnano wine is the wine of Naples par excellence, for centuries it has been the drink which has quenched the thirst of generations of Neapolitans. In the legendary film “Miseria e Nobiltà” (1954), Totò-Felice Sciosciammocca goes shopping, and his friend Pasquale takes him to buy wine, “take the […]

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Go on trails in the Peninsula of Sorrento

vico equense

Walk to Vico Equense: hiking trails Walking is one of the many pleasures which you can enjoy on holiday in Vico Equense. Go on trails in the Sorrento Peninsula, or take a stroll along the coast, enjoying the beautiful views of the sea, both are activities which make a visit to these places unforgettable. The […]

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To visit Pompeii is to visit the past

visitare pompei

From Vico to Pompeii Visiting Pompeii is a must for those arriving at Vico Equense. A cultural experience that is one of the most beautiful, interesting and famous sites of Italy. Pompeii is less than 20 kilometres drive from Vico, twenty minutes from Circumvesuviana you reach Pompeii Scavi station, and from there just a step […]

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Beautiful, wonderful things in Vico Equense

trekking dal monte faito: panorama

Tourism and curiosities in Vico Any tourist or traveller wondering what to see in Vico Equense will find a number of things, some famous and of historical importance, others curious and intriguing, all of which demonstrate that a visit here can truly satisfy infinite needs, curiosities and whims. For example, to satisfy a first curiosity, […]

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Campania Felix, where sea, history and nature meet

anfiteatro di pompei

Visiting Campania Campania Felix was so-called by the Romans to describe the region that still carries the name today. ‘Felix’ (the Latin for fruitful) not only describes its enviable weather and enchanting landscapes, but also its fertile soil and capacity to produce fine foods and wine. Campania was the first holiday resort for rich Romans: […]

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Provolone del monaco, Monti Lattari delicacy

provolone del monaco

Provolone del monaco: prince of the table Provolone del monaco, made solely in the Monti Lattari (aptly named by early inhabitants, as the Italian name derives from ‘lactis’, the Latin for milk), is perhaps the most characteristic and acclaimed of all the food products that hail from the Sorrento Peninsula. It’s a hard cheese, melon-shaped […]

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Vico Equense and the Sorrento Peninsula

penisola sorrentina

From Vico to the Sorrento Peninsula Vico Equense is the gateway to the Sorrento Peninsula, that strip of land kissed by the gods that encompasses so many beautiful sights and attractions that it more than justifies a visit or holiday. Making Vico your base is a wise choice, due to its easy accessibility, the quality […]

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