Vico Equense and the Sorrento Peninsula

penisola sorrentina

From Vico to the Sorrento Peninsula

Vico Equense is the gateway to the Sorrento Peninsula, that strip of land kissed by the gods that encompasses so many beautiful sights and attractions that it more than justifies a visit or holiday. Making Vico your base is a wise choice, due to its easy accessibility, the quality of places to visit, the pleasantness of its hospitality and its connections to plenty of other locations.

The sea

The peninsula separates the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno: on one side is Vico, Sorrento, Massa Lubrense, on the other the Amalfi Coast. Places with an ancient tradition of tourism, with an offering that dates back to the beginning of the 10th century, a quality offering that has ancient origins, dating back to the Romans, who made this area their spot for holidays, discovering, in the land they called Campania Felix, the ideal place for the practice of ‘otium’ (leisure), vital to the life of the wealthy Roman, made up of reading, studying, meditating, enjoying nature, and the pleasures of good food. Those who stayed here included, amongst others, Augustus, Marcus Agrippa, and Antoninus Pius.

A beautiful sparkling sea, bordered by little beaches with cliffs behind, and with a panorama that includes Capri, Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, and, further away, on the other side of the Gulf, Pozzuoli, Procida, and Ischia. A sea that offers coves and little beaches, some perfectly equipped such as Marina di Equa, others harder to access, isolated and able to offer wonderful and secluded relaxation. A sea that offers the climate (and we don’t just mean meteorologically) that has made this area famous and appreciated everywhere.

The hills and mountains

There are roads from Vico that lead to the other side of the Peninsula, the Salerno side, climbing between vineyards and olive groves, reaching towns such as Gragnano and Lettere, in beautiful green valleys, lands of pasta (Gragnano is the capital of dried pasta and even today its artisan pastas are the best to be found) and wine – red, light and sparkling. It’s the land that’s home to the dairy cows that produce a great cheese, provolone del monaco, and very good fiordilatte (mozzarella made with cows’ milk). A green area, as we say, with panoramic views that stretch across both the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, as at Sant’Agata, suffixed ‘sui Due Golfi’ (of the two gulfs) as it offers a panoramic view that encompasses Vesuvius and the islands on one side, and Positano and the Amalfi Coast on the other.

But you can climb even further, to reach the top of Monte Faito, 1200 metres above sea level, which with the sea lying below has a view equalled by few others in the world.

The magnificent towns

Sorrento isn’t far away, with back streets full of high-quality shops, restaurants, pizzerias, and famous old hotels. An area that has inspired some famous Neapolitan songs, from which hydrofoils and ferries depart for Capri, an unmissable place to visit. But other places nearby also have fascinating and interesting elements, such as Sant’Agnello, Massa Lubrense, and the interior countryside that surrounds the hills.


Some of the most famous Italian chefs were born and work in Vico, Sorrento, and Sant’Agata, growing up in this area’s creative atmosphere, with the extraordinary local produce, and the ancient tradition of high-quality hospitality. A gourmet dinner is a must if you’re visiting these places, and please allow us to recommend our hotel restaurant, l’Accanto, where there is a perfect combination of local produce, creative interpretation, and beautiful location.

The best examples of pizza are also found here, where street food is held in high regard.

Our produce is a byword for excellence, the Peninsula’s lemons are famous worldwide and have created the liqueur that has conquered the world: limoncello. But home-grown produce is another great speciality, starting with tomatoes, amongst which are the ‘piennolo’ (a local cherry tomato with a pointed end), whose small size and sweet taste make them ideal for any dish with a sauce. And we have already talked about wine, and cheese. We haven’t mentioned the scents, but it isn’t possible to describe them, you have to come to breathe in the air for yourself. Those who come will certainly not regret it.

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