Visit Sorrento: an experience not to be missed

piazza tasso sorrento

From Vico to Sorrento

Anyone who goes on holiday in Vico Equense can’t help but visit Sorrento, a town just a few kilometres away and easily reachable by car or with the Circumvesuviana railway. Sorrento is defined by the tourist guide as a “resort of ancient and international repute” and indeed the ancient reputation matches perfectly with the beauty and pleasantness of the place.

A town so famous that it has inspired some of the most beautiful Neapolitan songs, from the very famous Come back to Sorrento of 1902, all the way to Caruso by Lucio Dalla in 1986 which sings of the “Gulf of Sorrento”.

An ancient city with Greek origins, it was also inhabited by the Romans, who made one of their holiday destinations there in the Campania Felix.

Sorrento and its magical atmosphere

The climate of Sorrento is exceptional, and we are not simply talking about the weather, which is just amazing, but also the atmosphere that you inhale in this place only a stone’s throw from Capri – maybe it’s better to say “a few strokes” – with a spectacular view of Vesuvius, of Ischia, of the whole Gulf of Naples, with interesting historical remains, with charming gardens both public and private.

The view, the overall atmosphere, the pleasantness of the place, these are the main ingredients of a visit to Sorrento. But here there are also all the other elements that make for a charming visit. Walking in the alleys of the historic centre is a beautiful experience, with the opportunity to do some quality shopping, especially for the many excellent local products. The lemons have made Sorrento even more famous in the world, thanks to limoncello, which was born here and which today is enjoyed at the end of a meal in half of the restaurants in the world. And then the walnuts, the lemon-based desserts, the wine from the hills of the Peninsula, are best presented in the shops in the centre.

The Museum and cultural heritage in Sorrento

But cultural heritage also presents significant elements of interest, starting from the Cathedral and the Church of Sant’Antonino. The most interesting attraction, however, is the Dominova seat, one of the meeting points of the Sorrentine nobility in the Middle Ages; it is a magnificent 15th century building, with round arches and a beautiful 17th-century maiolica dome. Moreover, Sorrento also boasts a beautiful museum, the Museo Correale di Terranova, which has finds ranging from antiquity to the Middle Ages, and one floor dedicated to painting, with works of Neapolitan painters from Salvator Rosa to the famous School of Posillipo, with its nineteenth-century visions of Neapolitan beauties.

How can you miss a visit to Sorrento?

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