Mount Faito, dominating the Peninsula

monte faito

Mount Faito, dominating the Peninsula

Mount Faito is the highest part of the Lattari Mountains, which constitute the backbone of the Sorrento Peninsula, offering a unique panorama of the sea and mountain, visible in very few other places in the world. We are in the territory of the municipality of Vico Equense, and we are in an extraordinary area which brings together the sea, the hills and the mountains in a very close geographical area.

Mount Faito: the road to the mountain

A road which begins in the town, climbs upward through a series of pretty centres, hamlets of the municipality of Vico. The view is magnificent and opens up onto the Gulf of Naples, the islands and Vesuvius, in a view that is among the most famous in the world. The hills are cultivated with vineyards or fragrant lemon groves, and dotted with farms and dairies where the provolone del monaco is produced and sold: it is no coincidence that we are in the Lattari Mountains, which take their name from the milk of the sheep and cows. At one point, the hill gives way to a real mountain landscape, we have exceeded 800 metres above sea level, beech trees cover the rock, crops end, but the landscapes which we find at every turn are increasingly spectacular, suddenly we see Capri, which was covered and offers a new vision.

Mount Faito: the Belvedere and San Michele

This leads to Belvedere, whose name certainly does not need an explanation. You can park your car and reach on foot, with a very short walk, a point where you can enjoy a very wide panorama. We are over 1000 metres above sea level, and we are still in the municipality of Vico, the sea is below, the view is spectacular. There, a couple of kilometres away, you can reach the cableway station that starts from Castellamare, or you can continue on a narrow road through the middle of the dense forest, arriving first at Cava where those who love trekking and are equipped for it, can park and start out on a well-marked sentiero (path) to the oratory of San Michele at 1278 metres above sea level! But for those who prefer to travel by car, the road continues and arrives at the square, or the Monte Molare, from which the view sweeps over the Gulf of Naples and Salerno, towards the Amalfi Coast. Curiously, in San Michele we can often find caves throughout the South altitudes, this is due to the Lombards, who reigned here for some centuries (from the sixth to the eleventh) and who’s protector was a saint armed with a sword, which remins on of the warlike deities from the pagan past, who presided over the heights and caves.

From here, in about half an hour by car you are back to Vico, in the middle of the Mediterranean climate. Mount Faito lies, overlooking the village, majestic and imposing.

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