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Walk to Vico Equense: hiking trails

Walking is one of the many pleasures which you can enjoy on holiday in Vico Equense. Go on trails in the Sorrento Peninsula, or take a stroll along the coast, enjoying the beautiful views of the sea, both are activities which make a visit to these places unforgettable. The Peninsula has a large variety of walks, trips and hiking opportunities for anyone wishing to indulge in this pleasure. There is really a lot of choice: from those who want to go on true hiking trails in the mountains, to those who simple wish to enjoy an excellent day out without great effort and equipment. The Cai site introduces all the wonderful trips on offer in the Lattari Mountains.

Here, we will tell you a little about about the simplest walks, for those who want to take a trip out without training or sportsmanship. From Vico Equense, without the need for a car, there are some great opportunities to walk among beautiful scenery.

Trails in the Peninsula of Sorrento: The San Francesco to Sperlonga Trail

A magnificent trail for the scenery, ideal for anyone wishing to walk for a while, leaving from the Convento di San Francesco, overlooking the city with its red bell tower. The Church deserves a visit, if only to see the Byzantine statue of Santa Maria a Chieia, and, if you are successful, it also deserves a visit to the oratory belonging to the convent, rich in Neapolitan majolica ceramics dating from ‘700. With a beautiful view of the Belvedere with its monument to San Francesco di Emilio Greco.

However, walking down to the cemetery, one takes a marked path on a white road, which is comfortable and effortless. Walking for less than an hour between olive trees and Mediterranean bushes, you arrive at the source of the Sperlonga. The view as you look across is magnificent, facing Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, stretching to the islands of Ischia and Procida, right to the point of the Peninsula and for a moment, even Capri. If you have not driven, you can make your way back down a steep yet comfortable path, to the Church of Santa Maria del Toro, where legend says that a bull was made to kneel in front of the image of the Madonna, painted on his stable wall by a devout breeder. Here you walk among olive trees, with wonderful scenery which opens way onto the Scrajo. From Santa Maria del Toro, after a short downhill walk, you reach the center of Vico, and all its delights.

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