The museums of Vico Equense

museo mineralogico vico equense

Vico Equense, what to see: the museums

Visiting Vico offers thousands of possibilities, including interesting opportunities for those who are interested in museums and artworks. The first most original opportunity is offered by the mineralogical museum, which is near to a spot overlooking the sea along the beautiful Via Filangieri, which offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. But entering into the museum, you can take an extraordinary journey through time, from the gemstone section, the typically mineralogical section, to the mysteriously-named malacology section, which in reality refers to shells. All are important collections, rich in rare artefacts, and have attracted the attention and curiosity of many visitors but also Nobel Prize-winning scholars, who have visited the museum’s rooms over the years.

There are also other sections, which are interesting for those who are not scientifically inclined; these are the anthropological and palaeontological sections. The first concerns mineral traces left by our ancestors during the primitive era: arrowheads, tools, utensils made from stone – that stone that signalled human technology for millions of years. Technology and art, in the museum there is also a beautiful stone sculpture dating back to the Palaeolithic era, and is thus hundreds of thousands of years old, belonging to a far-off time, during which our ancestors felt the need not only to construct tools for hunting and daily life, but also objects of pure aesthetic taste, showing that the pursuit of beauty is as old as mankind itself.

Even more interesting for children, the palaeontology section, dedicated to fossils dating back from 600 million years ago to just a few thousand years ago – a very long period indeed, where you can admire, among other things, dinosaur remains, eggs, teeth and reconstructions, including that of the little dinosaur “Ciro”, or Scipionyx Samniticus, an infant discovered in the province of Benevento, and the only dinosaur to be found with internal organs.

The Silo Italico Antiquarium

We have already mentioned the fact that in Vico, within the Communal Palace, there is an Antiquarium, which hosts an exhibition showing a series of archaeological finds of great interest, all discovered in the territory of Vico Equense, which thus show how even during ancient times these places were inhabited and visited by merchants and travellers. Exhibited in attractive cases, there are Etruscan bronzes, Attic vases with both red and black figures, and other interesting relics that date back to the Roman era. A period of time that runs from the 7th century BC (more or less the age during which Homer lived) to the 4th century AC, the age of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Museum of the Cinema of the Sorrentine Peninsula

A surprise is waiting in the final room, where photographic posters from many films dating back to the silent age and shot in the Sorrentine Peninsula are displayed. They include films such as The Blind Woman of Sorrento, the legendary Bread, Love and Dreams with De Sica and Loren, or the musicals of the 1960s, which often featured the Peninsula as their setting.

A wide range of options for satisfying cultural interests and curiosities of all kinds: what more could you want from a wonderful holiday in Vico Equense?

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