Visiting Vico Equense

vico equense

A holiday in Vico Equense

Take a holiday in Vico Equense and you can say that you have experienced (a bit of) everything that Italy has to offer.

What is there to see in Vico Equense? Everything, and you will have an overview of what is beautiful about the peninsula, a microcosm in which you can have a complete experience. Complete and extraordinary, obviously.

Vico is a small town at the mouth of the Sorrento Peninsula, the part overlooking the Gulf of Naples and which divides this area from that of Salerno, with the – almost – equally beautiful Amalfi Coast. (Those who live there would disagree, but which part of the two Gulfs is nicest is the subject of eternal debate). Beyond Punta Campanella, which forms the most extreme point of the peninsula, is Capri, aligned with the mainland, indicating that it hasn’t always been an island and was once part of the mainland. (And Capri? Even more beautiful? The only way to know is to come for a holiday in Vico Equense, visit everywhere and rank them for yourself).

But for the moment we’re staying with Vico, otherwise our assertion that everything is here risks looking like an overstatement. The town is on a rocky promontory, on cliffs with a sheer drop down to the sea. From one of its many panoramic viewpoints the sight of the Gulf of Naples is extraordinary: dominated by Vesuvius at the centre, quiet and calm, with woods that you can see almost reach the summit. Then the sprawl of Naples, the peninsula of Pozzuoli, facing it on the other side of the Gulf – “the most beautiful bay in the world” as Goethe once said – and the islands of Procida – low and stretched out – and Ischia, dominated by Monte Epomeo. Beneath your panoramic viewpoint, perhaps in front of the Chiesa (Church) dell’Annunziata, you can see the beaches of Vico and Marina di Equa. Take your time to reach them and stroll along the beach. So sea, beaches, sea views, a gothic church like no other you’ll find on the Peninsula, and we have already taken in many of the stops on our mini tour of Italy. All stunning. Then you can stroll through the beautiful and elegant town centre, with its old buildings, a castle (another that dates to the 11th century is on the main road), with nice shops, cosy cafes, restaurants, and pizzerias.

The hills

But if you’re not already convinced, Italy is a country of sea and hills, and in Vico the hills are amazing. They rise towards Monte Faito, crossing a series of local hamlets, amid views of the sea and the Gulf, alongside expanses of olive trees and vines. The Apennine hills are rich in olive groves and vineyards, and there’s no shortage of oil or wine, that Campanian wine so loved by the Romans, that reflected the wealth of the Pompeians who cultivated it on the slopes of Vesuvius and marketed it throughout the Mediterranean. And the Agerolese cows graze here, which produce the milk that in turn produces the famous Provolone del Monaco cheese, which can be bought directly from the producers you meet along the way.

Monte Faito

Further up, the hills give way to the mountain proper, passing through a beech wood, to reach Belvedere (which also means viewpoint in Italian) at more than 1100 metres. We are still in Vico, but the climate has changed: we are in the mountains! Yet the sea is close by, and the view across the entire Gulf of Naples, as far as Capri and Ischia, is amazing. They might be far away, but are highly visible from here. And still it’s not over, as you can climb even further, past 1200 metres to end up at the San Michele church, from whose viewpoint the countryside stretches even further, towards the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast.

The cuisine

Have we covered everything? We haven’t mentioned food, without which, is it even Italy? We have talked about provolone, but a magnificent fiordilatte (mozzarella made with cows’ milk) is also made from the valuable milk of the Agerolese cows. And the wine is excellent, white and red, as well as the fragrant oil. And Vico is home to some of the greatest Italian chefs, and a famous pizzeria.

The Hotel Angiolieri offers all that Vico has to offer in one place. A magnificent sea view that you can enjoy from our restaurant terrace. A restaurant – L’Accanto – absolutely excellent. We also have a gourmet pizzeria – Saporì – that has another terrace overlooking the Gulf. What more could you want?

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