Beautiful, wonderful things in Vico Equense

trekking dal monte faito: panorama

Tourism and curiosities in Vico

Any tourist or traveller wondering what to see in Vico Equense will find a number of things, some famous and of historical importance, others curious and intriguing, all of which demonstrate that a visit here can truly satisfy infinite needs, curiosities and whims.

For example, to satisfy a first curiosity, in Vico Equense there is the only example of Gothic architecture in the whole of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Church of the Annunziata, an ancient cathedral dating back to the 14th century, the same time that the churches of San Lorenzo Maggiore and Santa Chiara were built in Naples. We don’t know to which of the many churches you are dedicated to, but you will love the Annunziata where, with the most beautiful panorama of the world just outside the churchyard, you will find the most magnificent setting. The city has been inhabited since the Middle Ages, but if you go down to Marina di Equa you can also visit Roman excavations, which testify that the popularity of this area dates back through the ages.

Museum of minerals and dinosaurs

However, if you want to travel even further back in time, here you can continue your journey. Who knew that in Vico there is one of the most important scientific museums in Campania? This is the Museo Mineralogico Campano, which has a vast display of not only minerals, but also anthropological Stone Age remains, gems, and a section dedicated to palaeontology, which houses remains and reconstructions of dinosaurs. It is a true place of discovery for children and one of in-depth learning for adults.

Two coasts

The sea is the distinction of the city of Vico, a sea that opens beautifully into the Gulf of Naples. But Vico has another peculiarity: it has an outlet on the two gulfs, including that of Salerno. The Chiosse area, which is reached by the Amalfi Coast road, is just across the peninsula; if you felt like a tiring walk, you could reach a beautiful beach hidden among Mediterranean scrub and shrubs. For those who like to walk, Vico is a terrestrial paradise, for both the paths that lead to the hill near the town, and the trekking paths higher up on Monte Faito.

What to eat?

When you grow tired of walking and sight-seeing, in Vico you can eat everything from simple pizza to creative cuisine. This is the birthplace of the pizza by the metre, specifically in a little pizzeria in which, since the 60’s, have offered the famous pizza by the metre. A place that is a journey through time: everything remains the same as its launch years ago, from furnishings to recipes. Those who love gourmet pizza, go elsewhere (an idea, our magnificent Pizzeria Saporì, with the most affluent seafood of any pizzeria), those who love a one-off taste go to the University of Pizza.

Vico is the birthplace of some of the biggest chefs, the greats among them all – and great in every sense – the famous Antonino Cannavacciuolo, a television star, who went deep in the North to distribute food and wisdom. For those who want to stay on the Peninsula and eat quality cuisine based on creativity and products of the land, come to Accanto, where chef Domenico De Simone is able to satisfy any palate.

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