Gastronomy and typical products

Gragnano Pasta: a story of excellence

Pasta: an Italian product The story of pasta is a typically Italian story in the fullest sense of the expression, and one which finds a place of special adhesion in Naples and Campania – but especially in the Sorrentine Peninsula, in the case of Gragnano pasta. It is an Italian story because it spread across […]

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Authentic Neapolitan pizza

pizza napoletana

The traditional pizza What makes a true ‘Pizza Napoletana’? in the age of social media, debates spring up around any suggestions that are out of line with what is traditional and ‘proper’: we forget that, in the kitchen, tradition is simply an innovation that turned out well at some point in the past and that […]

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Gragnano wine and wines from the Peninsula

bicchiere vino

Wine in the Sorrento Peninsula: Gragnano wine Gragnano wine is the wine of Naples par excellence, for centuries it has been the drink which has quenched the thirst of generations of Neapolitans. In the legendary film “Miseria e Nobiltà” (1954), Totò-Felice Sciosciammocca goes shopping, and his friend Pasquale takes him to buy wine, “take the […]

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Provolone del monaco, Monti Lattari delicacy

provolone del monaco

Provolone del monaco: prince of the table Provolone del monaco, made solely in the Monti Lattari (aptly named by early inhabitants, as the Italian name derives from ‘lactis’, the Latin for milk), is perhaps the most characteristic and acclaimed of all the food products that hail from the Sorrento Peninsula. It’s a hard cheese, melon-shaped […]

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