Sorrento Peninsula

Nerano, Sant’Agata and the Due Golfi (Two Gulfs)

punta campanella

From Vico to the Gulf of Salerno In separating the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, the two gulfs of Campania, the Sorrento Peninsula presents two coasts of exceptional beauty and appeal. Although they are similar, these two coasts have differing characteristics which represent the rivalry that is tangible across the whole of Italy: Which coast […]

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Archaeology on the Sorrento Coast

antiquarium di vico equense

Greeks and Romans on the Sorrentine peninsula The archaeological sites of Campania: reading these words immediately brings to mind Pompeii. But Campania and the Sorrentine peninsula have a wealth of extraordinary archaeological remains, and visitors with an interest in Greco-Roman antiquity will be fully satisfied. The coasts of Campania are linked to myths and legends […]

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Visit Sorrento: an experience not to be missed

piazza tasso sorrento

From Vico to Sorrento Anyone who goes on holiday in Vico Equense can’t help but visit Sorrento, a town just a few kilometres away and easily reachable by car or with the Circumvesuviana railway. Sorrento is defined by the tourist guide as a “resort of ancient and international repute” and indeed the ancient reputation matches […]

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Vico Equense and the Sorrento Peninsula

penisola sorrentina

From Vico to the Sorrento Peninsula Vico Equense is the gateway to the Sorrento Peninsula, that strip of land kissed by the gods that encompasses so many beautiful sights and attractions that it more than justifies a visit or holiday. Making Vico your base is a wise choice, due to its easy accessibility, the quality […]

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