What’s happening in Campania

Other Excavations: Visit Ercolano

scavi di ercolano

The Ancient City of Ercolano The Ercolano excavations are located at some 20 minutes from Vico. Although these excavations are less famous, they are as fascinating as those of Pompeii. The dreadful volcanic eruption of 79 AD destroyed a portion of Campania and buried many cities and towns under lava and lapilli. An important centre […]

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Naples in a day

un giorno a napoli: il palazzo reale

See Naples and then return Visiting Naples in a day is a great opportunity but also a great shame. A great shame, because the city deserves a longer visit, and a great opportunity because even a single day offers an exciting experience. Reaching Naples by train allows you to immediately enjoy one of the marvels […]

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To visit Pompeii is to visit the past

visitare pompei

From Vico to Pompeii Visiting Pompeii is a must for those arriving at Vico Equense. A cultural experience that is one of the most beautiful, interesting and famous sites of Italy. Pompeii is less than 20 kilometres drive from Vico, twenty minutes from Circumvesuviana you reach Pompeii Scavi station, and from there just a step […]

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Campania Felix, where sea, history and nature meet

anfiteatro di pompei

Visiting Campania Campania Felix was so-called by the Romans to describe the region that still carries the name today. ‘Felix’ (the Latin for fruitful) not only describes its enviable weather and enchanting landscapes, but also its fertile soil and capacity to produce fine foods and wine. Campania was the first holiday resort for rich Romans: […]

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