Our History

Luxury and charm at the gates of Sorrento

Deep historical roots

The Grand Hotel Angiolieri is steeped in history. Dating back to 100 BC, it was originally an ancient Roman villa that was later transformed into a convent by the “Poor Clares”, who chose it for the silence that has always set it apart.

The convent was bought by the noble Cosenza family at the end of the 18th century, and in the early 19th century it was transformed into a hotel with the name of the Hotel Seiano.

Over time, Hotel Seiano, one of the first hotels on the Sorrento coast, became a reference point for young English aristocrats visiting Sorrento during the “Grand Tour” in Europe.

In 1955, Dino Risi chose the Hotel Seiano as a set of certain scenes of his film “Bread, love and Dreams”, displaying the beauty of the location to the world.

The recent history of the Hotel Seiano saw a long and extensive restructuring that lasted eight years; its rebirth came in the form of the modern and refined Grand Hotel Angiolieri in 2006.

The elegance of its architecture and furnishings, the luxury and comfort of interior finishes, have enhanced the long history of the Hotel Seiano in modern times, bringing the Grand Hotel Angiolieri to the attention of the most demanding of travelers.

The L’Accanto restaurant was inaugurated in 2007, whose cuisine conveys the pleasure of food and wine culture of the area to guests in an elegant and welcoming environment.